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    1、低 密度高填充性
    1. Low density and high filling
    The density of cabinet foam sealing strip is a kind of lower rubber, and its density is 0.87. In addition, a large amount of oil can be filled and fillers can be added, so the cost of rubber products can be reduced, and the disadvantage of high raw rubber price of cabinet foam sealing strip can be made up. Moreover, for cabinet foam sealing strip with high Mooney value, the physical and mechanical energy after high filling is not greatly reduced.
    2. Aging resistance
    機柜發泡密封條有優異的耐天候、耐臭氧、耐熱、耐酸堿、耐水蒸汽、顏色穩定性、電性能、充油性及常溫流動性。機柜發泡密封條制品在120℃下可長期使用,在150- 200℃下可短暫或間歇使用。加入適宜防老劑可提高其使用溫度。以過氧化物交聯的機柜發泡密封條可在苛刻的條件下使用。機柜發泡密封條在臭氧濃度 50pphm、拉伸30%的條件下,可達150h以上不龜裂。
    Cabinet foam sealing strip has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water vapor resistance, color stability, electrical performance, oil filling and room temperature fluidity. Cabinet foam sealing strip products can be used for a long time at 120 ℃, and can be used temporarily or intermittently at 150-200 ℃. Adding appropriate antioxidant can increase the use temperature. The cabinet foam sealing strip crosslinked with peroxide can be used under harsh conditions. Under the condition of 50 PPHM ozone concentration and 30% tensile strength, the foam sealing strip of cabinet can reach 150 h without cracking.
    3. Corrosion resistance
    由于機柜發泡密封條缺乏極性,不飽和度低,因而對各種極性化學品如醇、酸、堿、氧化劑、制冷劑、洗滌劑、動植物油、酮和脂等均有較好的抗耐性;但在脂屬和芳屬溶劑(如汽油、苯等)及礦物油中穩定性較差。在濃酸長期作用下性能也要下降。在ISO/TO 7620中匯集了近400種具有腐蝕性的氣態和液態化學品對各種橡膠性能作用的資料,并規定了1-4級表示其作用程度,腐蝕性化學品對橡膠性能的影響。
    Due to the lack of polarity and low unsaturation of cabinet foam sealing strip, it has good resistance to various polar chemicals such as alcohol, acid, alkali, oxidant, refrigerant, detergent, animal and vegetable oil, ketone and grease, but poor stability in aliphatic and aromatic solvents (such as gasoline, benzene, etc.) and mineral oil. Under the action of concentrated acid for a long time, the performance will also decline. In ISO / to 7620, the data of the effects of nearly 400 corrosive gaseous and liquid chemicals on the properties of various rubbers are collected, and grades 1-4 are specified to indicate the degree of action and the effect of corrosive chemicals on the properties of rubbers.
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