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    In order to let you know more about our products, we will take you to know more about our products in the following content.
    The substation centrally installed by enterprises can distribute computers to different places of use, that is, distribution cabinet, which outputs electric energy for our use. In the process of using the distribution cabinet, we should pay attention to many things. For example, the installation position of the power distribution cabinet cannot be too far away from the place where we use it, so that in case of power consumption accident, we can close it nearby. Power supply, which can save us a lot of time and is very helpful for promotion and rescue. In short, the distribution cabinet is the distribution box, most of which are closed, and the installation method is also vertical installation. Due to different use occasions, the protection of its shell is also different, so we can also choose the corresponding products according to the use situation to facilitate our management.
    Electrical equipment is a very important product in our electrical work. The use of the product has brought great convenience to our electrical work, so this product has been widely used. However, the distribution cabinet needs to be cleaned even if it is used for a long time. Before cleaning the distribution cabinet, disconnect the power supply before cleaning. If it is cleaned when power is on, it is easy to cause leakage, short circuit, etc. before cleaning the distribution cabinet, it is necessary to check whether the circuit is open. Then, when cleaning the distribution box, avoid residual moisture in the distribution box. If moisture is found, wipe it with a dry cloth to ensure that the distribution box can only be powered on under dry conditions. Remember not to wash with corrosive chemicals and avoid contact with corrosive liquid or air in the distribution box.
    The above is the knowledge brought to you today. The complete set of electrical equipment has been focused on the industry for many years and continuously provides users with valuable content. Please continue to pay attention to us for more content: http://www.apartrz.cn
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