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    With the rapid development of the power industry, the development of the chassis and cabinet has been driven. The chassis and cabinet has now become a necessity in the computer field. In the major computer rooms, you can see various types of power cabinets, and different Jinan cabinets have different degrees of bending.
    The design and manufacturing technology level of chassis and cabinet has been greatly improved. We usually use advanced numerical control sheet metal processing equipment to manufacture chassis and cabinet. Some factories also have flexible processing lines, and their sheet metal chassis and cabinet processing technology has reached a good level. It has also developed towards professional production. A number of specialized manufacturers of profiles and cabinets and "special wiring channel" designs at the rear of electrical accessory manufacturers have also appeared in the industry. Data and power cables have their own ways, which are safer and more reliable.
    Purchase standard of chassis and cabinet:
    1: The production standard of the cabinet is in accordance with the ISO quality management system standard, compatible with the 19 "international standard and other standards, which is appropriate.
    2: The cabinet shall be made of excellent cold-rolled and cold-rolled drawn steel plates with a thickness of more than 1.5mm.
    3: It also depends on whether the surface treatment process of cabinet steel plate is qualified.
    4: The processing technology of the front door of the cabinet and the door lock should pay attention to the thickness of tempered glass, the style of the door lock, and do a good job of double-opening the rear door. The way of double-opening the rear door is conducive to saving space, and is convenient for installation and removal.
    Advanced heat management technology and perfect cable management are adopted for power cabinet. The unique top wiring idea is suitable for the needs of various machine storage environments. The electronic cabinet has outstanding performance advantages: the fully ventilated front and rear doors adopt "super mesh" design; Provide 64% higher ventilation area in the industry; Each U space has 20 in2 of open space (front and rear doors); Meet the demanding server cooling requirements in many ways. Come to our website for more relevant content http://www.apartrz.cn consulting service
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