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    MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet is a common low-voltage power distribution equipment, which is used for power control and distribution in the distribution system. The following is the production process of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet:
    1. 設計與規劃:根據客戶需求和使用場景,設計師會繪制出MNS低壓抽屜柜的結構圖和電氣原理圖,并確定所需的功能配置和配電元件。
    1. Design and Planning: Based on customer needs and usage scenarios, the designer will draw a structural diagram and electrical schematic diagram of the MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet, and determine the required functional configurations and distribution components.
    2. 材料采購:根據設計方案,采購所需的金屬板材、電器元件、導軌、配線槽等材料。這些材料需要符合相關標準和規范要求,確保產品的質量和安全性。
    2. Material procurement: According to the design plan, purchase the required materials such as metal sheets, electrical components, guide rails, wiring ducts, etc. These materials need to comply with relevant standards and specifications to ensure the quality and safety of the product.
    3. 板材加工:將金屬板材進行切割、彎曲、沖孔等加工工藝,使其變成適合抽屜柜結構的各個部件。在這個過程中,需要確保尺寸精確、孔位準確,以滿足后續組裝的要求。
    3. Plate processing: Cutting, bending, punching and other processing techniques are used to transform metal plates into various components suitable for drawer cabinet structures. In this process, it is necessary to ensure accurate dimensions and hole positions to meet the requirements of subsequent assembly.
    4. 配電元件組裝:按照設計要求,將已經采購好的開關、斷路器、接觸器、保險器等配電元件進行組裝安裝。在此過程中,需要嚴格按照電氣原理圖進行接線,確保電路的正確性和安全性。
    4. Distribution component assembly: According to the design requirements, assemble and install the purchased distribution components such as switches, circuit breakers, contactors, and fuses. During this process, it is necessary to strictly follow the electrical schematic diagram for wiring to ensure the correctness and safety of the circuit.
    5. 抽屜柜組裝:將加工好的金屬板材部件按照設計要求進行組裝,固定螺絲、調整間距和位置,形成一個完整的低壓抽屜柜結構。
    5. Drawer cabinet assembly: Assemble the processed metal sheet components according to design requirements, fix screws, adjust spacing and position, and form a complete low-voltage drawer cabinet structure.
    6. 電氣系統調試:完成抽屜柜的組裝后,進行電氣系統的連線和調試。檢查電路的接觸可靠性、回路的正常開關、保護功能的有效性等,確保整個系統的穩定性和安全性。
    6. Electrical system debugging: After completing the assembly of the drawer cabinet, conduct wiring and debugging of the electrical system. Check the contact reliability of the circuit, the normal opening and closing of the circuit, and the effectiveness of the protection function to ensure the stability and safety of the entire system.
    7. 質量檢驗:對已經組裝和調試完成的MNS低壓抽屜柜進行質量檢驗。包括外觀質量檢查、電氣性能測試、安全性能測試等,確保產品符合相關標準和規范要求。
    7. Quality inspection: Conduct quality inspection on the MNS low-voltage drawer cabinet that has been assembled and debugged. Including appearance quality inspection, electrical performance testing, safety performance testing, etc., to ensure that the product meets relevant standards and regulatory requirements.
    8. 包裝與出廠:合格的MNS低壓抽屜柜進行包裝,包括使用適當的包裝材料和方法,以防止在運輸過程中受到損壞。然后,將產品出廠,交付給客戶或銷售渠道。
    8. Packaging and Delivery: Qualified MNS low-voltage drawer cabinets are packaged, including the use of appropriate packaging materials and methods to prevent damage during transportation. Then, the product is shipped and delivered to customers or sales channels.
    The above is the general process for the production of MNS low-voltage drawer cabinets. Different manufacturers may have some differences, but they generally follow similar steps to complete. During the production process, it is necessary to strictly comply with relevant safety regulations and quality standards to ensure the reliability and safety of the product.
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